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Nul ne naît ni ne meurt en Camargue

I've been visiting the Camargue for a decade. In the summer months, those of holidays from work and everyday life. The months that characterize this region for an overcrowding of tourists. Yet the Camargue remains a region where people are not predominant, but it is the land, the practically infinite spaces, expanses without flat edges, marshes, fields that dominate everything. The sky looks different in places like this: there are no mountains, there are no tall buildings. The clouds have no barriers. A land of silence, of animals that live in a wild state in the fields that run along the edges of wide roads.

If it is possible for each of us to define, to trace a place of the soul, the Camargue represents my elective place of the soul. My personal land of the soul. The ideal destination of my journey.

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