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Lovely Bodies

The human body has a call that we more or less explicitly hear. The body is eros. In a more or less explicit manner, with refinement or open-mindedness, all the nude photographers have deliberately or not faced the border between photography and eroticism. This work presents itself as an attempt to record what these photos basically show: bodies. Attractive and beautiful bodies. The attention is focused on the details. There is light, sometimes. There are more intense contrasts between the background and the shapes, other times. Shapes that almost always emerge from the dark or from a neutral background and that, thanks to the light, become what they are: shapes, actually. They are parts of body, bodies, that speak. They will tell everyone something very personal, but not losing a certain common poetry in saying it.As long as we are able to capture those bodies, their speech will nevertheless appear fluid, dynamic and harmonious. Lovely, indeed. Lovely bodies, a little like saying bodies that inspire love, that are worthy of being loved. 

Images: 60
Dimension: 22 x 28 cm
Pages: 54
Paper: matte 118 g/m²
ISBN: 9780368164507