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A recurrent motif in the history of religions, in literature and in art, the term catabasis means the descent of a person in the realm of the dead. A question as old as the history of man. Visions and interpretations that reflect the unsolvable doubt about the final destiny. The catabasis, the Latin descensus ad inferos, can also assume an intimate aspect in the nocturnal dimension of nightmares and, at the same time, in the every day life concerns and problems, often cause of obsessions if not even pathologies. Recurring nightmares, realistic and vivid dreams that remain etched for a long time into the mind and that condition, together with the fears that accompany everyday life (loss, loneliness, distress and depression), the existence of a person. Chains that are difficult to get rid of and from which I have been feeling the oppressive weight since my childhood. Catàbasis proposes, in a single body, a set of different views of the afterlife (references to the Old Testament and to classic and contemporary literary texts) and a translation into images of some of my dreams and nightmares that, over the years, have become meaningful and obsessive. Photography is the mean that allowed me to make these visions real and, at the same time, it is an attempt to lighten their weight. My catabasis, my personal and repeated descent into the She'ol, becomes, this way, a catharsis. Purposely blurred and without definite details, the images of Catàbasis have been created using miniatures and handmade sets and photographed with a pinhole (the maximum of the minimum in photography) applied to a mirrorless camera body.